Greetings. My name is Paul Henderson, owner and lead designer at RISE design studio, my personal outlet for all creative commercial pursuits. I have been doing freelance graphic design work for nearly two decades now, and my work conveys an aesthetic that is dynamic, eye-catching, and clean. I strive to create simple, elegant compositions with sharp lines, while employing a powerful and striking cast of visual elements.  

With a background in religious studies, philosophy, and psychology I enjoy creating work that resonates with the mind, body, and soul, in addition to the eye. My style is the direct result of a love for all things sacred, classical, and ancient, and a visual obsession with clarity and simplicity. Over the years I have done everything from logos to billboards and everything in between. I generally do not feel limited by media or application, and I would say my work is best suited for clients that are looking for elements of quality classic design with an artistic edge.

In my spare time I enjoy oil painting, reading, meditating, and exercising. If you like what you see or just have a comment or question feel free to drop me a line anytime.


Graphic Design for web and print
Brand Development
Website Design
Digital Art
Custom Artwork

Some clients

W hotel
Barakat London
CG creative
Discovery Channel
Survival International
Capital Direct
Hard Rock Hotel
Ivy Hotel
Mobile Marketing Group
Ultra Music Festival
Nat Geo

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